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Hi Onmyway

Welcome and really well done on starting a thread – i too became addicted to gambling in my 40s. It is so difficult to stop but what has helped me is having a lot of barriers . I have gambling blockers on all my internet devices – I think maybe you can get self- barred for your local casinos . It might be embarrassing but it will give you complete freedom. .

Nobody gets it like we do on here -one part of our brain
screams stop while another completely over powers it with the scream of you can win it back !

We can’t and won’t – because even if we win we cannot withdraw it and keep it withdrawn. We have lost control over this – it controls us .

It is time for us all to take our lives back – many have done andyou can too.

There are groups on tonight which I think you will find really helpful- you will get to chat to others and get lots of advice