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Hi nice to meet you and its great you have come here and get the ball rolliing to recovery.. if you are a compulsive gambler no time off the bet will make you better at gambling, its a progressive thing, if you think its progressing at a rapid rate now and you gamble for another year, it will be a guarantee that you will come back saying if i had stopped at that point which is now.. wow it progresses fast.. its got no mercy, it just eats us alive. Start putting things in place now. Gamblers anonymous, counselliing, this site, theres groups, one on one advice.. the addiction cant be taken lightly, it actually kills people in the end, or sends them insane or to prison.. it just continually progresses to a point thats un imaginable. Its like an alcoholic saying i will just not drink for a little while and then i wil be able to drink again in moderation because i have stopped for 3 months.. what will happen to the alcoholic, they will have one sip of that beer and think this is ok im in control, after one they will have another and another and then wind up saying.. il never do it again, then do it again, and so the cycle continues. Ive never seen a compulsive gambler that can gamble normally ever after crossing the line into compulsve gambling.. if you are not a compulsive gambler now there are all the signs of heading in that direction and once it has hold wow is it hard to stop.
Well done on coming here, on being brave, on asking questions.. questions which may help your future.. its such a massive risk to continue.. if you can get out now.. do it.