In your last message you were; understandably, ready to throw in the towel. I think that Adele’s line in her last post ‘but we love them (our CGs) don’t we’ is not necessarily the bottom line in all relationships and of course this addiction can (and does) push many people to draw a line and say ‘enough’. I want you to be sure that whatever decision you make, or have made, will never be judged on this forum.

We are all individuals when all is said and done. Your top tips for loving an addicted person have possibly triggered a line of thinking for you. This forum is designed to support those who love CGs, to help them to find themselves again when the addiction to gamble has buffeted them around destroying their confidence and self-esteem.

Not every member has the outcome they wanted when they first posted. If, however, every F&F member who passes though, moves on with their head held high, ready for a future that is not over-shadowed by the addiction to gamble then this forum is a success. I always hope for more though than just a ‘moving on’ – I fervently hope that everybody who passes through ‘gains’ from their experience both with the addiction and from going through this forum.

I am a great beli ever in stripping the addiction of it’s victory. The 10 survival tips and all the repli es you have had from strangers, who care, are things you can use to make a better life for yourself.

Success is not the results of spontaneous combustion,. You must set yourself on fire first.

Speak soon