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I am so sorry you are going through this. I admire your strength to leave. I wish I had that at the moment.
I think it is smart and lucky that you can leave and get out of the marriage.
I have been married for 20 years this July, I have two young kids, and my husband is a gambling addict. I confronted him almost one year ago exactly. I have been dependent on his income as I only work part time. To leave him will be very difficult. I feel like leaving would be best for my kids, but it scares me. I have to get a good job first and make sure I can pay for every bill myself. My CG husband ruined my credit, blames me for his addiction, and has told his entire family that he borrows money from them because I don’t make enough to help support the family. So they think I am a terrible person and have told me that they would have divorced me a long time ago, and that my CG husband has been too tolerant.. It has been so painful to live with this addiction. His family has given him hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years. It’s insane how they helped him hide the gambling. They don’t believe he has a problem. To them, I am the problem. I pray for the same strength that you have to leave. I am scared, but I want to leave with my kids. I have asked him to leVe but he won’t move out. I have been lied to for years about every little thing. How did you find the strength to get out?