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Hi Raynor

I so hate the humdrum of every day life .
If you work hard your whole life you might own a house at the end of it – like what good is that ? Who cares when your life is over and you have been enslaved for ever paying for it . On the other hand I guess I am forced to pay my mortgage every month so some day I will have a nest egg- it will probably be taken by the government to pay for my care home !

Yes I too crave excitement. I want to be free to live on my own and I too would love Ito he my own boss.
However , I tend to be poorly motivated and I guess I would end up dying of starvation .

Raynor I guess these are the characteristics which make us want to gamble . We want excitement and freedom and ironically these are the very things gambling takes from us.

Hope you are having a great day !