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Hi Razzabelle, good to see you posting.

You are right, there are many cases of this sort of thing happening but it’s important not to get distracted. The important thing here is your recovery.

“…I haven’t been posting much because I really have not been actively gambling …”

Maybe learn from that. When we don’t have the funds or the opportunity to gamble is usually the time we should be posting, the time we should put things in place. That way when we do get the money/opportunity we have the support/barriers that will make us less likely to place that next bet.

It sounds like you are in that position again right now? No money so can’t gamble? Ok so what are you going to do in this window of opportunity? How about getting yourself banned from that casino? Finding a GA meeting? Placing other barriers in place so that next time you have money you are les likely to gamble?

It’s important to use help to stop gambling, it’s equally important to keep using support to maintain recovery. Keep posting and let us knmow the positive steps you are taking?