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Hi Relapseking,  

GA is only one road  to recovery- I was in a similar situation and when I eventually made it to GA I absolutely hated it.

There is no one route to recovery.

My mum also has a gambling addiction and although I would give her anything, I would not trust her with my money.

However, as Steev has rightly said we do need to take actions to stop gambling – this sounds rich coming from me as I had every  excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t !

I will tell you some of the things which helped me to become gamble free.

I got Gamban for my phone – it blocks all gambling sites on internet devices.

I cancelled my bank cards , ordered new ones , got someone else to open envelope and scratch off last three numbers before giving it to me. Our addicted brains will memorise the number almost immediately so we need someone else to help.

These two barriers prevent me from gambling – even when willpower alone doesn’t!

Hope this helps!