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My yard and surroundings are my peaceful place! In fact, it was the selling point for me. I’m lucky to live where I do. It was a good choice as real estate prices have risen and I would never be able to purchase a home here now!
We were graced to have 2 elk (known as the brothers in town) hanging out across from my house in a grassy area. My Granddaughter and I sat on the porch and watched them for quite some time.
My youngest Daughter will be here today for the weekend. I will be able to finish a couple of outdoor projects while she is here.
There are some major family issues happening right now. I am praying that things get resolved for everyone concerned. I’m worried and anxious but I know the end result are out of my hands. I pray for the best results and I’m here for those involved!
P.S. My Granddaughter’s sunflower seeds are peeking out of the soil. She is watering them every morning.