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I get what you are saying about the casino workers. I just really hate for anyone to be unemployed now in the US as many are having a hard time just getting their benifits. And many are turning to food banks for help. Its just a sad time!
So, we are waiting for my oldest Daughter and Grandson to arrive for a visit. They have been self isolating also. I’m ready to loosen up a bit on the self isolation. We are going to find a place in the forest for a picnic tomorrow.
RG, I try to be productive as I can find myself starting to go into a depression. The self isolation is hard on the mental health. My Granddaughter keeps me grounded.
My yard is irrupting in beautiful colors. Purple irises, pink roses, orange, red and yellow snap dragons! The wild strawberry plants are blooming and it looks like we are going to have a lot of strawberries this year! Just having my tea in the mornings surrounded by this brightens my day!
I’m entitled to a stimulus check but haven’t received it yet. I’ve decided that some of it will go to one of my local good banks as I have plenty and am blessed in so many ways. It’s time to give back!