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Hi mate,

Look everyone on this site being a compulsive gambler has been in your situation at some point. You’re not alone. First things first lose all access to money again. No money = No gambling which I’m sure you’re aware of. You can replay the weekend over and over again about how much money is lost/debts etc but you need to accept right now that the money is gone and you can’t win it back. Starting from today you will earn that money back I know it seems like a long task but you’ll get there.

That little puppy is a blessing in disguise by the sounds of things. Every time you have an urge to gamble/bet just look at him/her and hopefully you can relate to how you felt that time and stop you from placing that ‘first bet’ again. Yes it’s hard but it’s the only option to help you. Do not gamble.

Regarding the debts… are they manageable? repayments? Credit cards are they interest fee etc?

Put things into place which can help your recovery. There’s a lot of people on this site with plenty of knowledge and experience that can help you step by step. Keep posting and share things you need help with. Trust me you can get through this!