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Hi Ru

I hope that you do find the clarity that you desire. I do know that knowledge of the addiction to gamble does give you power over it, just as ignorance means that loved ones often unwittingly help to feed it and keep it alive..

The sheer nature of the addiction to gamble means that a man who owns it will lose when he gambles leading to feelings of unworthiness and almost certainly a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. The good thing though is that through acceptance and treatment a man can learn to control his addiction and live an amazing, healthy and contented life.

I am glad that your title implies you are not trying to support this man financially – giving a gambling addict cash or clearing his debts will not help him, it will merely clear his slate so that he can gamble again.

How did he control addiction in the months when was takimg control?  Does he attend GA or see a dedicated addiction counsellor or does he believe he can do this on his own?

You have done well writing your first post Ru, the man you care about is blessed to have you on his side.