Hi Sade,

Welcome and I hope you feel there really is hope in your situation because there is. It all starts with you taking the first step on your journey. You have received excellent replies and Vera’s is spot on coming from a cg perspective .
You have already been with your boyfriend for a while to see how stronger the addiction has grown in him and he is still so young. His gambling in plain sight is bothersome as he is really showing who he is faithful to. As you have wrote, there is not much you can do. There is no amount of anything to make him stop. So now you wonder what is there to do? I can’t live like this, my children don’t deserve a father who’s ambition is to just gamble. I am sure the seven year old already sees what is happening at home and the younger one will too. There is no shielding this addiction; children can easily piece what is happening.
Your situation did not happen over night, nor will it disappear as quickly. It takes you spending time on your recovery. Stop any enabling so your bf can gamble. Make sure he is paying bills first, hopefully this isn’t his way of making money. Does he work? How about you?
Whatever steps you take, remember they will pave the road to you and your children’s future. This addiction never just goes away as loved ones hope. It just gets worst, you are young now and the time is now to make a change.
Also what I am about to write is meant in a good way, as a parent of a child of an addict, there is a responsibility to protect them from this addiction.
Take care Sade,