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Hi Sam, hope your day is going well. Thank you for your reply on my thread. I will try get myself set up with Internet banking. What are you up to today? I have just slept in until lunch. Now annoyed i have wasted day. Got stupid debt collectors on the phone and it is so stressful. Kinda makes you panic. can they ring your work? I would just pack in my job i would be so mortified. Then they would be lucky to get a penny a week from me.Anyway it might be a good day to leave the house…for both of us! I might venture out and get a cup of coffee somewhere and read their paper. At least it will get me up and washed.. Debt is so depressing. In the bible it says something about when you are in debt you are a slave to it, and it is so true. It is with you always ,all the time, niggling in the back of your mind. Anyway enough feeling sorry for myself.. I hope you have a great day, and you get to see your nice neighbour.