Hi San
I don’t think I would go into a discussion with him about ‘emotional blackmail’ – I am not sure he would even understand the phrase while he is like this. I suggest that his sole thought is to get money to feed his addiction and he is shooting his mouth off in any direction hoping for a reaction. Once he gets a reaction, any reaction, he is in like a thing possessed – it worked before and it could work again. He is trying to wear you down San and I’m afraid the only thing I can think of for you to do positively is to go back through all your posts and remind yourself of when you were in this position before and see how well you survived and then put more steel into your barriers.
You know that his blaming you for his girlfriend walking out is a load of old eyewash. Whether she walks away, or not, is entirely up to her. If he was thinking logically or reasonable he would never make such a ridiculous accusation.
I don’t think he ‘understands’ what he is doing. He is out of control and just sees a brick wall blocking his way that has to be dismantled brick by brick. It’s tough to see ourselves as obstacles but when the addiction is going full pelt I think it is best to be aware that it can ride over us and move on, without a second thought. As Madge so rightly says we do only have limited resources – look after yours.
Please keep posting