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Hi San

Adele has said almost all I can say. Over the years we’ve tried many different ways of running groups. One of the greatest frustrations can be when a member arrives late potentially disrupting or diverting the group away from the topic that was taking place potentially stopping someone getting the help they deserve.

The 15 minute entry is designed to get people into the groups and say there hello’s, then focus on what matters; the members, this we hope will make for a more dynamic group that will help many discuss issues in a safe & positive way with the time needed to do so , it’s not designed to annoy. We have you best interest at heart. Jane has also aid this is only a trial and no decision has been made regarding the future of the entry time.

San you wrote “With the time difference I cannot always be sure of the correct time to join in”, these comments always send alarm bells ringing so I checked your profile. Unfortunately your country, time zone was not set. Also the groups have an entry requirement on them. In your profile it asks are you a gambler or Friends and Family, this hadn’t been selected thus you wouldn’t have been able to enter the groups. The purpose of this is to ensure a gambler cannot enter a F&F group and an F&F cannot enter a Gamblers group ensuring total privacy.

I’ve made as many changes as possible that I hope will elevate your issues and allow you to get the support you need… Could I ask you to check your profile please and fill in any blanks or alter anything if I’ve made mistakes.

San as Adele has said the groups are running smoothly, were still making changes to enhance our members experience so I also ask you to hold on and try and enter the groups. Please dont let change stop you finding the recovery and help you deserve

Kind Regards