Hi San

I am glad you are putting plans into action to protect your health.

I wasn’t trying to teach my granny to suck eggs when I talked about siblings etc., I hoped to let you know that I understood and I only understood because I had stood where you are standing now.

Our stories are different but you, Monique, Vera and I are all mothers and in that we have an innate understanding of each other, I think.

I hope that with your replies you feel stronger. I liked your line about getting therapy ‘I have lots of options to find out about, but I will, don’t you worry’.

Is your son saying he has been beaten up? Unfortunately even a beating does not necessarily stop the addictive drive. I am glad you are saying you are not naïve to think the shaking up will last long. I think when you think ‘this’ will wake my CG and it doesn’t it is another kick in the teeth – it is better, in my opinion, to take each day as it comes without expecting any change but of course to never give up hope.

Your last post does seem a little more positive. I am fascinated by an online kebab and pleased you are feeding your son, not his addiction.

Well done