Hi San.
I can see that things have taken a ‘down turn’ between you and your son. I looked back at your previous post as I remembered that quote about ‘building the new’. That rebuilding is about you and sometimes there are hitches in the reconstruction process – you know what it can be like with the builders in the ordinary physical sense.

But you will get back to your primary focus, I am sure, because you now already have a history of building yourself anew as well as the one of being worn down. It is so frustrating when the cg refuses to cooperate with what would be good for them – it’s back to the same theme as ever that only the cg can make the choices. It’s a shame you have to miss group and go to hospital, but I hope you feel all right after treatment and will do something really nice for yourself as soon as possible.

Christmas can be difficult for lots of people for lots of reasons, but it is not quite here yet and there may be other changes again before then. Look after yourself today.

Thinking of you.