Hi San

The drama of the addiction – how scary it can be. Many of us have heard such threats and been afraid, which is what the addiction determined we should be. No matter how many t imes we hear such threats they will always frighten us.

I really, really do understand when you say you are sick of it – unfortunately mothers can seldom walk away or even separate themselves, unscathed.

You are doing well though and I hope you can keep control of that lid. It would be good if you could let of some steam and I hope you can do it with somebody who will help you mop up the condensation when you have done so. Make sure there are many times in the day when you do not allow your thoughts to go to this addiction – deprive it of the air it sucks out of you.

The addiction will take you all the way to the bottom if you allow it and you will help nobody if this happens. You are important, never forget that. Your health and happiness are the greatest protection from the addiction and also the greatest support to the CG struggling with the addiction.

I hope to see you in a group soon and I hope you soon get the pick-me-up you need.