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Just want to say I have been following your posts and thinking of you. You have had some great messages with lots of useful information. As Velvet says, you will get stronger.

I was drawn to your comment about how you could talk to your kids and/or your brother but your ‘husband would still be the same’. I think this is an indication of how you may be focussing too much only on HIS recovery, ie the recovery that is not within your control. It is hard to believe that the person who needs the focus is YOU. But it does work – with time and patience. It doesn’t mean that you no longer care about the cg, but that you put the emphasis on looking after YOU. You don’t have to make any radical decisions about your marriage, but please do focus on improving things where possible for yourself. In small steps, one at a time.

And, as Velvet says, other family members probably know or at least ‘sense’ what is happening.

You feel alone, but I hope you will gradually feel that you are no longer so alone.