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Good luck with your exams on Tuesday.
Did the counselling line really say that or r they only able to deal with simple things? Is it you telling yourself u r too broken? Because no one is too broken to turn it around.
I get what u say about the docs, The system is in a mess but all surgeries have a process for urgent appointments even if it takes hanging on the line or pitching up first thing in the morning.
There r some difficult days no doubt in recovery with Health and debt issues that I also know more than most but don’t give up. Tomorrow is another day and good things can happen.
I don’t have a car, dont drive and I rent my home. Yes, I blew a lot of money to destitution but I don’t spend wasted time in regret over those things. For me it was a huge learning about myself. There really is only now and dealing with the now.
Keep posting sherrie, we missed u when u didn’t post.