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Hi Sherrie
I over indulged a little myself last night but am just about able to keep going – I hate this feeling but I guess it’s ok once in a while.
You are a very hardworking person who takes pride in each job you do no matter what it is – that makes you the perfect employee ! You are always generous to others in work with your time and your knowledge – I am sitting here wishing I worked with you !
Life seems to be going really well for you and you deserve it.

I think everyone should have a counsellor every week! I think once we reach an age (or have addiction) there is no one to say well done – you made a good choice -like our mummies did when we were little- but we still need to hear it.

GA I didn’t like either Sherrie but yes some of their stuff is good but most of it I find really annoying when it is quoted “at” me!

Keep strong Sherrie – you are doing so well