I am the son of a CG. I am a CG . I wish I had the magic solution to all of your pain. let me tell you some about myself. I gambled and bet on stuff until I was around 35. I am now 50 and still have problems not going back to the bet.That was the first time I tried to stop when I was 35. I would disapear for a few days at a time. I would drive to the race track and then sleep in the car until they opened back up again.. This was before they turned it into a casino now they stay open all night. I would do this until I ran out of money sometimes it would take 3 or 4 days. Then I would crawl back home and promise I would never do it again. That would only last until I could somehow beg borrow or steal more money to bet with. Whan and only when I could not get more money from anywhere. My cards were all maxed out. The bank would not give me more money. That was when I even dared to think about really stopping. MY relatives the ones that would still speak to me all cut me off. My wife threatened to leave me .Now that I look back upon the situation. she should have left me and kept on running. She thought she could straighten me out somehow. To this day she is still trying. All I do is make her miserable and make her worry about what I am up to. I was fine for a few years until my mother left me some money and it started all over again. I am on the slow road to making myself a better person. I go to meetings for GA they help out . The thing is your husband must try to help himself. You must not fall for all the stuff he may be telling you. I kept lying about little stuff even after I stopped gambling. I have stopped gambling for a few months now. I can only thank God my daughter does not have the disease or will ever not get it. She is 25 now and doing very well in life even though I did not have much to do with that. I thank my wife for doing her best to raise my daughter. Hope you have the courage to resist your husband until you can see that he is actually getting better. Remember it not your fault . you do not take him to the casino or wherever he goes to gamble. You are a good person. Thank you for being here It helps those of us who need reminding of the damage we do to others . Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope it helps . Remember try not to blame yourself It is he that has the problem not you.