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Well, it’s an interesting debate. I am one of those you speak about. I play games and always have done in recovery. Has it ever led to gambling? No. And I have had quite a few emails in lockdown which I just delete. Have I spent more than I should? Yes. Particularly this past month, I have spent as much as half a nights gambling. For some it would be a lot of money, and it would have been better if I saved it. Will I be broke as a result? No. I have eaten very well, paid for my courses and got stuff for my home which I do every month. I will have a small amount of my salary left at the end of the month.
Do I regret spending it? Yes. It is clearly my gambling substitute. AndI find I am now uNtil payday my challenge is not to spend or waste any more on it. I was the same after Xmas, having spent a lot more over that time period than now, but it is still quite a lot to throw away. I still cook a lot, am doing and paying for my courses, three of them in lockdown. I go out into my shared garden daily when it is warm. But i am still bored, demotivated and fed up. I have been home now for nearly nine weeks. I don’t like going out the front door and get most of my things delivered. Does it give me a gambling hit? No.
Is it a form of harm reduction? I suppose so. Can I keep to a budget that I might have for it? No. Is it compulsive? Not really as I stop and can stop playing for as long as I care to.
So, is the jury out on that one? Comments welcome. It is a difficult one.