Hi Thawley
I am so sorry, I am still unclear. Do you know he is gambling ‘in’ rehab or has he gone through the project and is still gambling?
If it was me and I ‘knew’ he was gambling in rehab, I would inform the support workers because it not only disrupts him but it disrupts others too. It would be naïve, I think, to suggest that occasionally a CG will gamble, if he can, even while on the project because of the very nature of the addiction. However I believe it is in the interests of all, including and primarily your son, to inform those who are supporting him. If they don’t know they can’t help.
I think this makes sense of what you were asking on the F&F Topic forum. If you believe he is gambling on the project then I would suggest it doesn’t help to worry about the reaction of the support workers, they are trained and experienced and very aware of the capabilities of your son’s addiction.
Your husband is right, in a way, he will be found out eventually but if you have knowledge then the sooner the better, in my opinion, for his sake. I hope to ‘meet’ you in the group on Tuesday; it would be great to communicate in real time.
I really do know how this must be tearing you apart but I urge you to remember how you felt last weekend and how it helped. I also lost sleep from looking in the bank accounts and it did me no good whatsoever, we are not born detectives and when this snooping side of us comes out, it tends to play havoc with our minds – never forget how important you are.
I hope this helps