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Thanks for your post.
I realise there’s only one winner and it isn’t the compulsive gambler. I won a lot of money, but I’ve lost more.
I still check sites for inplay football scores (this is where I was betting for the most part) and at times I’m tempted to put a bet on, but I can’t for several reasons. I’ve self excluded from every site I’ve used and don’t have the finances to gamble. Yes, there are always other sites and probably other ways to get finance, but I haven’t tried these yet and hopefully won’t.
I’m not naive enough to think I can just flick a switch and stop gambling immediately, but I think enough is enough. I’m determined to stop, whilst being fully aware it won’t be easy. The money is gone, but I have a roof over my head and a plan to pay off my debts etc. I still think the difficulty is than your average person/non compulsive gambler does not understand fully. This website and the people posting has been a big help to me, so thank you.