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Yes, Micky..some very good and solid advice that I’m procrastinating with. My partner has been going through his own mini crisis at the moment so I have been supporting him with this and it is definitly not the right time to tell him of my massive one. I feel proud and strong that I can offer my support to him in this way, even though I know I need to do the right thing by telling him….he has just left for work, for two days, it’s 6.00am in the morning here and my heart feels heavy as I remember what I must do when he returns. There is a ever growing pile of unopened letters from creditors tucked away at the back of my draw that I can’t open…

Need to pull myself together, the sun is shining here today, I’m still in bed with a cup of English Breakfast tea and a purring Burmese on my lap…there are people and things in my life that I am grateful for….