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Well am glad that you are talking the step to write about your worries, its hard to deal with them alone.Your mom knows well how to use the right word to make you feel bad, dont let her bother your head she does love she is just ill and needs help.Dealing with my cg has taught so many things one not to let them use the BLAME GAME nope dont allow it.They seem to be thinking that if they do that youll give in and that they are right and thier not.They can be a pain and am just speaking of mine he drives me insane make me think that am wrong and i have to step back and think clearly and question myself and awnser my self to keep sanity.He did the scratchers for a while too their would be allover the place but i didnt think of it as something bad but i should have it got and is so worst.But thiers hope as lone as they want the help and understand what is really bothering them that makes the escape or get the right treatment , But learn this i have, this is their addiction not yours and as much as you love them which is great your their support system and they have to do their part .
keep trying to get help for her GA meetings for her or a nice church group counseling would help a doctors apt and tell them was she is doing and the way that she is acting maybe she needs some meds i know my husband was doing really great on them and then he just stopped taking them and guess what after two month clean he went back to his habbit .try some of that, oh and please inform your self so very much about this iisue it will help u understand the situations that you may be faced with Belive me it helps to lear about them and what happens to thier mental state.
take care