Hi Tired, tonight I think the Holy Spirit prompted me to cross over to the friends and family site, as i never visit here. i too got caught up in a cycle of gambling. I was addicted and it was destroying my life and that of those around me. This addiction as you have learned will destroy everything. Despite prayer, and pleading with God i just could not stop myself. Looking back now it seems unbelievable even to me. In desperation i googled for a pastor and found myself in chat with someone at groundwire. he offered to become my mentor And recommended a site called setting captives free. I followed the course and thank God I have been freed from the slavery that is gambling addiction . The site opens with “Once an addict always an addict?” Not according to God’s Word! There has been such a miracle in my life , and in the course i learned that God has promised to restore everything which the thief has stolen. God has poured many blessings on my family in a short whIle including financial ones, and all parts of my life are being restored. I am a wife and mother.Even the overwhelming love i have for my child could not win against this addiction.I hope that my testimony will give you hope. I will be praying especially for your family .i am free from this slavery. I do not fight urges to gamble every day. I am no longer an addict. God has freed me.