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Well done for seeking support, it must have been an awful shock to hear that your fiancé has such a problem when you are so close to marriage.
What steps has your fiancé taken to seek support because it is important that he takes responsibility for himself and his own behaviour – words are not enough and asking you to help, is not enough.
The addiction to gamble does not have to be a recurring problem although a compulsive gambler will always be a compulsive gambler. I know that your finance can take control of his addiction and live gamble free for ever if he has the determination and desire to do so but true recoveries are impossible to recognise in the early stages, they take tremendous courage and determination and are usually full of ups and downs. In my opinion, it is best that you put thoughts of marriage on a back burner for a while, allowing him time to get the support he needs and to prove himself to himself and to you.
There is a lot of support, nowadays, for a man with a gambling addiction; we have excellent facilitated gambler only groups on this site and a terrific Helpline that is one-to-one. Many gamblers find that GA is a great support.
Please keep posting, there is a lot to take in at the beginning and I know it isn’t easy. I was hoping you might make it into the F&F group this evening as it is so good to ‘talk’ in real time.
Speak soon