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Hi Tony

I am only 13 days into my latest batch of abstinance and I am in a personal hell of my own making at the moment. What is working for me is wife has access to all funds (cards, PayPal, online banking etc) and I have netnanny on my computers to block all access to gambling sites. I have never been a bookies or casino person.

I also attend GA 4 times a week. That helps a lot, there are great people there who understand. My issues at the moment are the terrible state of my own business which I have to close, as all the time I should have been looking for new clients I was gambling and now we have no work on. My wife is also leaving me after 3 years of being a CG and we have a small son a bit younger than yours.

Put blockers in place, don’t handle cash, self exclude from as many places as you can and go to GA. Say tro your self every morning “Just for today I will not gamble”. Say it “just for this hour” or “just for this 10 mins” whatever you need.

I had a lasp 13 days ago and before that I managed 18 days, so in the last 31 days I have gambled 1.5 hours but I lost a chunk of change in that time. I simply cannot bear to gamble anymore – it breaks my head, breaks my spirit and sucks me dry. I have so little self esteem and self worth left – I need to replenish them all.

Keep posting, join the groups when they are on, go to GA.

I am sure others will have words to say – be strong and think of your little one. I wish I had done that more.

All my love