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Hi Tootall, you did just fine with the post. Computers are not my specialty either but they are helpful :). It must be hard to be alone in the house after 13 years for the first time especially since you are the one “left behind” in your familiar surroundings. Did he want to move out or was it your decision? Does your hb admit that he is a cg? While I think that it is a first step for him to see a counselor and that we do whatever it takes to get the recovery ball rolling, it is HIS responsibility to get the work done. It is tricky to find the right person when it comes to psychiatrists and counselors and very important that he/she is qualified to treat cgs. They are very good manipulators and pathological liars and can fool even a mental health professional very easily. If you happen to live in the US, every state has a council on problem gambling where cgs and F&Fs can find a lot of information and resources. The councils usually also have a list of trained counselors in your area. It is worth a try, at least it helped me a great deal because it is so overwhelming when you first start this painful journey and one has no idea where to start. Did you take steps to protect yourself financially? Even if you own your home, the bills need to be paid. Do you have any kind of support from family or friends? Maybe it would be a good idea to look for a GamAnon group for yourself. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to adjust to all of this. Like standing on a beach and watching a huge wave rolling in that is about to swallow you completely. But it can and will get better. Personally I also found it helpful to collect as much information on cg and the impact on loved ones as I could to understand the dynamics of the addiction. One day at a time…