nomore 56

Hi Tootall, you will find a lot of support on this site and the most important thing to do right now is to take care of YOU. You can’t change your hb, you can’t make him stop gambling, the decision is his and his alone. In my personal opinion you already took a very important step by distancing yourself from the addiction physically. You moved out and hopefully this will give you some peace of mind even though it is all very fresh and hurtful right now. Please keep in mind that the addiction ***** to be confronted with consequences, meaning stick to your guns. Don’t give in. There might be promises that your hb will stop gambling, seek help and so on. Unless he does what he says he will do, it is all white noise. Over the 26 yrs I dealt with my cg’s addiction I have heard plenty of promises and good intentions. Believe it when you see it, that is my personal take on it. Seeking counseling for yourself is a great decision! The more support you get for yourself the better. Only you can decide if and when you meet with your hb and under what circumstances. If you feel like seeing him, it might help, if you don’t so be it. As far as the **** swings are concerned, they are very common for cgs. Imagine the emotional turmoil they go through each and every day. The addiction takes them on a roller coaster and rules their life. My hb was wrongly diagnosed as being bipolar and put on meds. The addiction ***** to be treated first and foremost because it can mimics **** disorders very nicely. If there is really a mental health issue, it will come out in treatment sooner or later. I wish you luck!