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Hi Tosca
I think what you are saying is that your son continues to gamble regardless of anything you have said or done and that the situation appears more hopeless. If so, I want to support you better, so please tell me why you think you have nothing to say about helping yourself.
Last time we ‘spoke’ your son was heading for America, did he go, and if so what happened? Is he living with you now? Have you seen any changes at all in your son’s behaviour – good or bad?
I really believe Tosca that sharing helps; there are little light bulb moments along the way when things make sense that didn’t make any sense before and you become aware of how to do things differently.
I know you struggle with thinking that ‘speaking’ here feels disloyal but this is anonymous and you are safe – it is somewhere you can say what’s really troubling you without fear or judgement. If I misunderstand, you can always correct me.
Hoping to hear