This is so very difficult and I know how heartbroken and devastated you feel. All I know from my 6 years on the roller-coaster is they will only get better when they are ready to. I too have heard the countless promises of therapy blah blah blah …usually after a binge when they are at their lowest. For me I have joined GamAnon and really tried to stay out of his affairs – though I am far from perfect at that yet! Unfortunately you are trying to control something you will never have control of until he hits his bottom (whatever that may be). My son has been in GA for about 7 months but has relapsed twice. He does keep getting back on the horse but I try to use all my strength to stay out of it and not be the fixer. I know it is so hard for you both but try to stay positive and get yourself to a GamAnon group it possible. Perhaps start your own thread on here so you can get support!