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Hi Trinitysky! I sincerely hope that you can find work soon, and start repaying your past employer. That plus the fact that you are gamble free and attending meetings, will bode well when you finally go to court. Courts are seeing more and more cases of compulsive gamblers embezzling money to feed their addiction. There was a gal I met through another gambling recovery site that was sure that she was going to be sentenced to jail time as she had embezzled a LOT of money from her employer. She had built a nice gamble free life since she had been charged, and was afraid she would lose her job, apartment, freedom, etc if she went to jail. The judge in her case recognized that jail time would serve no purpose for her as she was addressing her addiction, and she did not go to jail. I live in Alberta, Canada and have to say that the CEO of the alcohol and drug commission here embezzled money from that organization to gamble, so it’s not an uncommon thing for cgs to do. It doesn’t make it right but it makes it understandable. I would suggest that you keep doing what you’re doing so that you can have your progress to present to the court, and hope and pray that you have an enlightened judge. One day at a time, and you will find a job. Just keep looking! Carole