Hi Twilight.

Great response. I have a question though that I’d like your thoughts on.. So My mom is a CG and I am basically in the same position as GoodGirl. However, rather than saying to me “oh fine then, i guess i’ll just survive on eggs for the next 2 weeks” she says things like “If you dont give me the money I’m going to go home and kill myself and end this and you’ll never have to deal with this again, if that’s what you prefer.” This is basically her response whenever I start persistently denying her the money and she starts to feel I really mean No. And of course I give in and give the money to her, since I obviously don’t want to gamble with her life.. and if anything happened to her I would always be thinking in the back of my mind “what if i had just given her the money? maybe she’d still be here.” Now I know, it may seem like an empty threat, just to get the money by scaring me, but she has attempted suicide multiple times before, for similar reasons.. So I don’t want to take the chance. Again, sure, she probably won’t not go through with it , but what if she does? I never know what to do in these situations and it obviously never helps in the long run either.. What are your thoughts? And I’d love everybody else’s input too!