Thank you once again for your good wishes. I don’t feel very inspirational Monique but I believe I know what you are saying. I have acquired alot of ‘bouncebackability’ during my life and since the cancer thing have adopted the one day at a time. There was a point in my treatment when it went through my head, ‘I have two choices here, curl up in the corner and die or get on with it and face whatever is ahead’ I decided I was not ready to die so the second option was the one I chose. I can, however, see how people get to the dying option.

In life it is scary to face certain situations when you have no idea of the outcome. I will put the article on the ‘ego’ up in a little while, but in there the lady refers to Breakdowns as really breakthroughs, as the breakdowns take you to the ‘other side’. I believe once you have experienced a real breakdown and come out the other side, you have faith to do it time and time again. Fear is what keeps us trapped in situations.

In regard to my cg, he is currently involved in a world I know nothing about and I have to constantly remind myself to let him go and watch him head towards a breakdown. I cannot do this for him, I HAVE TO LET GO. It is very hard!

Have a great weekend every one, keep strong. San xx

PS I got confused (easily done!) the article regarding Breakdowns turn to Breakthroughs is in this article
This helps me to keep going.