Hi Velvet
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Hope you had a great holiday. To cut a very long story short, my son went to my daughter’s for a week, she threw him out then called the police on him, because he said he was going to throw himself off a bridge. They took him to hospital where he was seen by a doctor who deemed him not ‘unwell’ enough to stay. My daughter went back to her flat, my son went back to throw himself off a bridge. He didn’t he slept in a bush. My father stepped in and took him in for a week, then bailed him out and he’s now in a room somewhere. He was very positive about it all, he’s been there five days, hates it, says he is depressed and is going further and further down. I am getting angrier and angrier. I’m trying hard to keep it together without blowing my top. I am sick of this. That’s about it. lol

Will try to get to a group soon but working hard and feel very tired. Go for some more of my drugs to keep me going soon, it can’t come soon enough to give me some energy. Take care San x