I pop in now and then and have a read. The drama continues all around me but I am trying my hardest not to be dragged into it. I am on the edge of it!

I am trying to make my decisions ‘conscious’ ones and then I tell whoever what my decision is and why I am making that decision. My cg ‘obviously’ doesn’t like it because I am taking control and not him or the addiction. He doesn’t like it but I am tired of pussyfooting around people. I can’t change anyone only myself and my reaction to any drama. So that’s what I am about at the moment. It’s good for me but probably not for people who know me as someone, in the past, who would put everyone and their problems before myself and my well being.

I am hoping to have a break soon and am protecting my finances in whatever way I can, so that I can have it. My health needs a break! Another scan coming up so suffering the old Scanxiety at the moment.

Hope you are well and best wishes to everyone else too. Learning to take my power back has been a very liberating thing!

San x