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Hi velvet,

good to hear from you 🙂

I’m filling my time with a lot more things that just concern me, rather than worrying about what CG is doing. Its two weeks until I go away so there is lots of prep to do for that, which is keeping me busy. And I’m making lots more positive plans with friends, who are all being much more supportive and that’s great.

I know I’m not getting everything right but this is a tough week for me with the distractions and encouragement of Cheltenham for my CG. I’m trying to keep calm and just be a positive influence for him.

Oh yes, definitely. It is my mum’s birthday today and tomorrow I am travelling 130miles to visit her and my family, who I havent seen since Christmas. So it is a very me-focused weekend.

The easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to do this is in the car, which is why I have recruited CG into helping with the driving, especially with my out of action foot. I can travel on the train but its more than double the price and will take longer and obviously requires more walking.

Either way, I will be at home with my family. I hope with CG as he has been super supportive since the initial letting me down when I first got injured, but I will keep you posted.