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Hi Velvet,
Thank you for the message.
You are right.
I need to put son and my safety first.
From what I can see he is still on a poker websites, reading all the news. As he said he is still interested.

As you said, I do not believe that he really wants help, because the desire to play poker, or roulette will be stronger….

He started to be more open to family and relatives. They really support him. On anither hands looks like they giving more support to him, saying that I am pushing probably to much him.
No one will understand what CG another galf ho through. Especially after a year promising that he will be fixed.

Anyway, I’ll see how he is getting on.
I think I do nit have more energy to be let down.
If promises will not happen, I need to secure our son life.

I can not enjoy a life anymore, feel to fragile worry about money constantly…

Wish he will finally get this.

Hope you’ve all doing better ! 😉