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Thanks for replying, I feel like I need a support group and to stand up in front of people and admit I have a problem, the only issue with that is I’m living in quite a conservative country where there is little in the way of gambling support. The only person I’ve ever admitted I have an addiction it to is my girlfriend. The issue I’ve always had was that I was winning. Initially when I used to lose I was able to cope with it rationally, I would take breaks and study more etc, then in the long run return to winning. Effectively studying was wasting my time as what was clearly an addiction to the game of poker became an actual gambling addiction as I was playing outside of my stakes and spending money I couldn’t afford to lose. The thing is I’m still ‘up’ overall, but it’s the sheer amount of time and energy I have wasted on this that hurts. I feel like I’ve dedicated so much time and effort into a black hole.