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Hi Velvet
Thanks for your response. What I find the most difficult is the anger I feel. After 6 years of this I do know that screaming, yelling etc. gets me nowhere but I end up venting with my friends who while are great about it have no idea the hell it is… hence coming to this forum.
He is going for a psychiatric assessment this week as he feels there is something very wrong with him as he says he hasn’t been happy in a long time. I know there are issues but he can’t seem to grasp that the gambling is now an addiction that he uses to cope with and nothing will get better until he addresses it.
I have read the F&F Cycle of Addiction and the pattern is bang on. It goes round and round and I know if I don’t do something on my end to break it this could go on forever 🙁
I start out strong with such resolve and then am sucked back into either ignoring it or feeling sorry for him, neither of which helps!!