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Hi Vera
That’s a very honest post.
The addicted part of our brain has told me a million times that I could play a little and withdraw my winnings- if I did manage to get my balance up a bit then it told me I am on a winning streak and I continued.
On the rare occasion (not in recent years even once) when I have managed to withdraw, the addiction in my brain has told me I can do it again.
We all know where this ends – with me in dire straights obsessing about getting enough money to survive – and even when I do I’m tempted to win back.

You know the drill Vera – you have been through the cycle too often.
Come to the groups tonight and let’s talk all this through.

Could you do me a small favour?
Could you outline how your finances might be for the next month or even year if you don’t gamble.
This could be the basis of a new plan for you.

You need to get a PLAN into place! A Plan works for you – it gives you structure and a goal.

By the way no one ever grows weary of you.
You have been on this site for a long time and many rush to answer you when you post and if good wishes and goodwill made a recovery, you would never be out of it.

Keep strong – make the wise decision-send a message to that hateful addiction that you have seen through it and time of destroying your life is over – gambling addiction is the most toxic friend you will ever have – always coaxing you to do things – pretending it will help you . We all know how deceptive it is!

Keep strong and well done on your six weeks Vera xx