Hi vera,

It’s been a strange week.

I did just as you said, I let him stay, and explained that I won’t go by words anylonger.

I needed to see actions. He spoke to a counsellor on the phone and then came and sat me down. He told me he doesn’t need counselling as he is able to control this. When I first heard this my heart sank. I realised I cnt do anything to help him unless he helps himself.

He said with faith, and throwing himself into his new job he should get through this.

He asked me to keep his bankcards, and that we shud focus on our family. And that’s exactly what we have been doing. The past week we were like any other normal household. We enjoyed dinners, walks in the park and a lot of family activities it was lovely.

But on reflection tonight while he is asleep next to me all I think is when will things go wrong again.

He also suggested to bring me receipts for everything and has stuck to that this past week. It feels weird Almost as though I’m his mother. I’m monitoring him at his request.

I’ve let the counselling thing go, and try not to even think about gambling as a whole.

For now I’ll keep my eyes closed and enjoy the good im in control of all finances and that’s all I feel I can do anything else it’ll have to come from him.

Thank u vera for all your support and insights into a cg mind your right about so much. He was cornered it was a make or break type of situation and he had to go along with my demands.

But I stuck to my guns I didn’t get the phone although his brother did, I showed him I won’t budge on that. I also told his brother he’s enabling him, and he in turn said he is keeping the phone until he pays him back when he gets paid next month with his wages.

And my cg asked me to handle that transaction since I’m his accountant now.

I don’t know I’m just taking each day as it comes