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Great to hear from you and I have missed your posts. I like reading them. Yes, I think you are fortunate to live where you do and have the resources that you do. I have a shared garden at least but I am the only one that sits in it 20 mins or so a day. I hope to move to Cornwall when my daughter moves there and we have discussed a vegetable and herb patch. Selling up in Kent means they can buy a property for them and for me.
In London, I would like to say they have overreacted but in truth they haven’t, infection has had reasonably high rates here and clearly the denser the population the worse it is. I have a lot of sympathy for families stuck in tower blocks. It is like being in prison. My sister called me today, she is fed up but has gone back to something she is very skilled at and had t done for 15 years which is tapestry work and embroidery. I think she must have had a past life as an Elizabethan lady of leisure doing embroidery as it comes so naturally to her. She has solved my stuckness in the knitting pattern. It was nice to hear from her. Unfortunately my mother went to Sainsbury’s this morning and had to queue. No one believed she was 86 And would not let her to the front. She shouldn’t even be doing that as she is vulnerable but did not receive a letter.
Pete also called to wish a happy Easter.