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Hi Vera
I hope it feels less awful this morning .
Can I make a suggestion- instead of withdrawing large sums to cover all you have to pay, why not break it down into smaller withdrawals to arrive in your account on the day the payment is due . That way there is no extra cash hanging around.

It sometimes helps to bring me back to reality when I think about it in terms of material things for example , I have gambled a new car, I have gambled my home extension, I have gambled a trip to America. I still have funds to gamble my big trip, my new patio area , even a swimming pool! Imagine all the things our money is buying for the fatcats.
If you make your money from the misery of others, you really will not hve any scruples about setting a high rollers’s favourite machines to heartbreak.

So look at me lecturing you when I have hardly any gamble free time accumulated- just I find where you are now is quite scary – and I feel you should get back to GA and all those things which were helping you . GA seven times a week is so much better than the pain of gambling . It is seven quid towards the coffee!

Please Vera , take the steps you need to to help yourself- .who wants to reach rock bottom ?
I am sure your son is causing you huge pain at the moment – perhaps you could invest a hundred in counselling to address this this pain.

Hope you feel better today xx