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I hoped there was a 10 pm group tonight to chat but not staying up for 11 pm.
Bullying and intimidating, manipulative and sometimes violent men, an issue for me a lot in my life. Not any more. Have you ever set boundaries with your son about what you will tolerate and what you wont? I do this sometimes now in a non angry and non confrontational way when faced with manipulative, anger or men who transfer their issues onto us. It is all about power and control energy snatching with men who do what I call dump their stuff onto another. I would not rely on a partner to do that although it would help if your husband had the gumption to say something. He either doesn’t want to confront it or enables it for his own agenda. Just some thoughtscand insights from the outside looking in. I am glad you are not letting it drive you to the casino. I sense your grit And determination vera.