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Hi Vera. I am hopeful that I will like the job, but right now, it is very hard. So much for this old brain to learn! Funny you mention being tired because I am just exhausted at the end of each day! I know it will eventually get easier…at least I hope so. I think about gambling as a way to de-stress, but I have no time or energy, which is a good thing. And somehow, little by little I am building a new life in which gambling doesn’t fit in.
I don’t think I could ever pay back my husband all the money I have spent the past 10 years. But, at least this year I am even and now I have a chance to help out with paying back some of our debt.
Starting in August, I am going to do just what you suggested to pay back my brother. And if I save any extra money, that is where it will go. With what I can afford right now, it should take 4 years, so I am really hoping I can kick in some extra payments to get it done quicker. You are right about owing money to a family member. He has been so good about it, but I hate it. I think he thought that when we sold the cottage, he would get it all in a lump sum. We would love to give it to him if there were a lump sum to give.
Lots going on here, and many changes. I’ll get you caught up, but right now I am going back to bed. I am hoping to get caught up on some threads and do some posting tomorrow. Take care. I haven’t posted, but I have joined you in your June pledge. So far this year January and May are my only gamble free months. I only gambled one time in each of the other months, but we both know only one time is way too many!!!