Hi Vera, thank you for the tips

I get what you mean, I feel like I am controlling him, but that it would be the only way to stop him from gambling .

But then in the same breath I realise that I made a promise that if he gambles again I would leave him.

Now thinking about it all I wonder, if he can’t remember the rules, and is insisting on going onto the computer alone, and I’m having to remind him to make appointment with the cg councillor who wants this to work more me or him?

I am worried that I will have to leave, if he slips up as this is want I said I will do.

I made this promise because I don’t want to live a life of worry, constant financial fears, and in all honesty having a one sided relationship where all the worry, stress goes into him.

I feel lonely in my marriage, but the kids adore him and he is a great father. But he’s the worst enemy to himself and cannot see that gambling is ruining him.

Your right, if he wants this he has to do it himself.